Weed Control

Just because we live in a warm and dry climate doesn’t mean that unwanted garden growth is avoided. As a matter of fact, there are a few weeds that thrive with minimal water and suck nutrients from the plants and grass you tend to daily. In most cases, California weed control isn’t an easy task to take on by yourself and requires the knowledge and skill of weed control professionals.

Weed control on your own

For some, weeding is just a task to be done to keep your lawn and/or garden happy and healthy. If you’re one of the lucky ones to handle California weeds in your lawn on your own, we’ve listed some helpful tips below to get started.

  • Test your soil – find out if your soil has the right pH balance, or if it it too alkaline, or acidic.
  • Know the weeds you have – California residents usually suffer from a few specific types of weeds, which we’ve listed in a quick guide below.
  • Weed control and removal – You can either pull them by hand, or use a specialized tool to get weeds out of your soil, Remember to get the roots out, otherwise they’ll grow back in no time.
  • Future prevention – Once you get weeds out, it takes a little work to keep them out. Using mulch to prevent weeds from germinating in your soil is a simple and cost effective option that also adds a stylistic touch to your yard.
  • Avoid chemicals – There are plenty of weed herbicides you can buy at your local nursery, or in the garden section of a hardware superstore, but that doesn’t mean you should. You will likely harm your grass and plants if you choose the wrong one.

California weed control experts at your service

When your lawn, landscape, or garden is overrun with weeds and pulling them by hand is too daunting of a task (or, you don’t want to spend hours in the hot sun ripping up weeds), it’s best to call in California weed control professionals to eradicate these plant pests so your grass grows fully. We test your soil and understand which weeds are giving you trouble so that we can remove them and potentially spray the correct herbicide to eliminate weeds without harming your grass, or garden.

4 common California weeds

As California weed control experts, we know the most common weeds to invade your property.

Nutgrass – a shiny-leafed nuisance that is tricky to ever fully get rid of. If you have this weed, call us immediately so we can look into chemical options to remove it entirely.
Wood sorrel – This clover doppelgänger is often maroon, or yellow, and can look quite nice in a garden – especially to rookie gardeners. Its weblike root system spreads far and fast and you’ll soon find it all across your yard if you don’t take care of it (which is no easy task to begin with). Again, because of the weblike root system, it’s difficult to get rid of entirely and if any roots remain, they’ll spread and populate all over again.
Field bindweed – This weed wraps itself around the roots of other plants and grasses and steals its nutrients at the source.
Bermuda grass – This weed can survive without water for long stretches and, when in a lawn, isn’t the worst guest to have. In gardens, it sticks out like a sore thumb and your green thumb diminishes. You can easily pull this weed by hand without much pain, or trouble.

Your Los Angeles Weed Control Specialists

If you’re tired of weeds running rampant in your yard, contact us so that we can discuss your options and whether you’d like to follow a chemical-based weed control plan, or a non-chemical weed control plan.

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