Even if you have the right soil, watering schedule, water volume, fertilizer, and aeration, you may still have a lawn that’s lacking — and it wouldn’t be your fault. In California, we have a few pests that thrive in lawns, ruining all of the hard work you put into your landscape. If you see a few spots of brown and/or yellow across your lawn, despite taking all of the proper precautions and steps to ensure a lush lawn, you may have a
pest problem to solve, otherwise, you’ll continue to waste time, energy, and money. So, who are these common creeps ruining your landscape? Let’s take a look at them one by one.

White grubs

Say hello to the larval state of June bugs; they typically do their damage just before summer, through the hottest months, and into September – and even October. They love to feed on the roots of your grass, making it look like straw and will crunch underfoot. In order to get rid of them, you need to use chemicals, or call a professional lawn care specialist to administer the chemicals so you don’t overdo it and ruin more of your lawn.


These little guys grow up to be beetles, but before that happens, they love eating the crowns of grass and working their way towards the soil as they get older; the result of their feasting is similar to that of white grubs — crunchy hay attempting to look like a lawn.


These moth-like critters love to nibble on grass leaf blades, chewing them clean off and dragging them underground into their nests to chow down; if you see patches of yellow and thin (chewed) grass, you likely have sodworms reigning terror on (and in) your lawn. if you aren’t sure they’re there, take the top and bottom off of a coffee can and plunge it into the ground about halfway down. Keep filling it with water and if these fiends are in your dirt, they’ll float to the top. If they float up, call a lawn care specialist immediately as they’re likely all across your property.

If you’re having trouble growing full green grass, despite your efforts and following best practices, there may be critters at work ruining your lawn. Call us today to discuss what you’re experiencing and we can assess, advise, and assist you to remove any pests and get your lawn to the lush green you’re looking for.

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