As any California resident will tell you, the dryness and heat can be a pleasure when you want to go to the beach, on a hike, or just enjoy the day. Your lawn, however, probably won’t agree with you all the time. The sun can be your lawn’s best friend or worst enemy; it can easily dry out the grass and leave your property with dead yellow/brown straw that is anything but pleasant to look at.

So, are you sick of looking at grass that has the texture of hay? We’ve got some tips to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, even through the brutal California heat, especially during the summer.

Water in the morning: We’ve mentioned it a few times before, but getting up early to water your lawn yields the best results; the heat of the sun hasn’t (further) dried out your grass and soil, so they are both able to absorb more water without washing away (likely dusty) topsoil that holds many of the nutrients that the grass seeds need. Watering in the day will only wastewater as it evaporates, and watering at night promotes fungi growth.

Water more, restrictions permitting: California residents are no strangers to reduced water consumption days to avoid droughts; that being said, watering your lawn more frequently will keep the soil damp so that the grass doesn’t dry out and die. Water so that your soil is damp approximately 8 inches deep – this will allow the roots to grow farther underground and be protected from the heat.

Skip mowing for a bit: Longer grass above ground means deeper roots underground and as we mentioned, it will protect your lawn from turning brown a bit longer. So take a few days off mowing and enjoy a cool glass of water to stay hydrated.

If you follow our guide and still have a less-than-desirable lawn, contact our team so that we can come to your property and take a look at your grass and soil. Our years of expertise have taught us a thing, or two, and we know how to rejuvenate lawns so that your neighbors will envy your home. We offer a number of services and will help you find the right one for your lawn and budget.

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