Lawn Irrigation

While great leaps have been made in the design, functionality, durability, and efficiency of California lawn irrigation systems, they do occasionally need tending and care to ensure proper performance. If your sprinkler, or drip, system is malfunctioning, contact us today to look into the situation and perform a lawn irrigation system repair. We service:

  • Sprinkler maintenance
  • Valve replacement
  • Sprinkler replacement
  • Drip irrigation replacement
  • Replacing broken pipes
  • Wiring issues
  • Control panel problems

What could be wrong?

There are a few ways that your sprinkler system can malfunction and determining where in the chain the issue is occurring is 80% of the battle.

Sprinkler heads — You may find that the sprinkler head isn’t working as well as it used to, or should be. Oftentimes, simply replacing the head solves the problem. You can also take them apart to clean them as dirt may accumulate and clog up the system.

Zones — This is for automatic sprinkler systems. An electronic panel controls the different sprinklers on your property. If particular sprinklers and areas aren’t working, try looking at your control panel and check the voltage. Also be sure to check your fuses and valves for any erosion, or failure.

Low pressure — If your sprinklers barely pump out water, there is likely an issue between the source (the spigot) and the sprinkler head. Check all the valves along the way to make sure they are fully open. If they are and the water still isn’t pouring, check the lines for leaks. if there are no leaks, you may have crushed pipes, or roots may have invaded the pipes and are clogging them.

Can I do this on my own?

If you have the determination, tools, and skills to troubleshoot your California lawn irrigation system, you can always try. Just remember, unless you are a professional, you may make matters worse than they were before and cost yourself additional money in the long run to fix the original issue, as well as any that you created along the way.

The electric work alone should be — and is — daunting and dangerous. A mistake in the lawn irrigation repair process could result in a few nasty shocks (especially when you see the water and electricity bills).

Contact the Los Angeles sprinkler repair experts

We encourage you to contact us to send professionals to investigate and review your California lawn irrigation system and uncover the issue(s). From there, we will put our skills and knowledge to work to remedy the system and put your mind at ease. If you’re in need of lawn irrigation repair, call us to discuss the details of what you’re experiencing and to plan out next steps.

Pro tip: When you call us to come and inspect your sprinkler system, be sure to turn it off first. To do so, close all of the valves, saving the main lawn irrigation valve for last. This will stop the water flow so that we can perform our diagnostic duties without cause or concern for further damage.

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