Sod Installation

Due to our Southern California climate, including the nearly ever-present beaming sun and lack of rain (with the exception of a few days in the winter), lawns and landscapes have a tough time surviving and remaining green year-round. For yards constantly berated by the sun, seed – either dry or a variety of hydroseed – may be a wasted effort and you’ll only ever look out at dirt. The best-case scenario is that you look out at a few weeds and wet dirt for the fruits of your watering schedule. If lawn aeration, sprinkler repair, or one of our other restorative services isn’t the answer, you may want to call us to discuss California sod options to bring you landscape to life.

What is sod?

Sod, simply put, is grass and a thin layer of soil beneath it that is laid over the earth in your yard, or on your property, to facilitate grass growth without spending egregious amount of money on dry seed, or hydroseed. Sod is grown and harvested at sod sites and then delivered to customers and work sites; once installed, sod immediately increases the value of a property and offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Improved area cooling
  • Erosion and flood prevention
  • Landscape growth in inhospitable areas
  • Increased water quality
  • And more

Cultivating a California lawn can be difficult — if not utterly impossible — due to the arid nature of the land. The hot and dry air quickly turns hopeful lawns into dust bowls, regardless of how much you water them. However, with sod, you can avoid burnt/blown away seed and skip a step into having a full lawn to tend and maintain. While you can theoretically lay sod yourself, it is better to trust professionals who know what they’re doing and can help install a lush green growing carpet for your home.

If you want to know more about sod and how to beat the California dry heat, contact us today so we can go over your options. We’re here to help make and keep your lawn healthy, full, and green.

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