Lawn Dethatching

Thanks to the toasty southwestern sun, California lawns quickly turn brown and die and accumulate thatch, thereby making it nearly impossible to grow a lush lawn. If your lawn has a top layer of dead leaves and grass, you have thatch and will struggle to see green, no matter how much water you pour onto the soil. When this happens, you need California dethatching experts to come and remove the barrier between you and a vibrant lawn.

Thatch is a combination of dead grass and leaves as well as living grass that makes a thin-to-thick layer on top of soil that prevents water and nutrients from permeating the dirt to help lawns grow. California lawns suffering from thatch burn quickly as they already receive a beating from the sun’s rays and heat and cannot access the water they need. In order to have water access the roots of your grass seeds, you need to remove this thatch in one of two ways.


The first option is simple: you rake the thatch away. You can do this process on your own to get a good workout in as the sun beats on your brow and back. After some time raking the dead grass and leaves, you should see your soil’s top layer – this is when you can re-seed with dry seed or hydroseed. Additionally, you can water your lawn and the seeds you already have lying in your landscape. However, for thicker thatch issues, you may need a professional to help remove it.


When your thatch won’t all rake away, you need a California lawn aeration expert to come in to remove the thatch and perform a lawn aeration operation to ensure that water and nutrients penetrate the soil to reach the root level of your grass. While it is possible to aerate your lawn on your own, it is recommended to hire professionals to come in to ensure the job is properly performed.

For California residents in need of lawn dethatching, the best time to attack is during the spring, or fall, once the temperatures drop and the sun doesn’t aggressively toast all plant life as it does during the summer months. By choosing the spring to dethatch your lawn, you hit the prime time for your grass to grow strong and can cultivate your lawn to a strong point to survive the summer heat.

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