Lawn Aeration

Have you done everything to make your lawn vibrant and green, but all you see is patches of green and brown? No matter how much you water and which soil you layered, if you haven’t invested in lawn aeration, especially in California, you’ll never have that vibrant viridian in front of your home or business. Lawns often see moderate-to-heavy foot traffic, which compacts the earth and makes it nearly impossible for your grass to breathe; most people don’t realize that grass needs air, just like any other plant, or living being.

If your compacted soil issue is mild and shallow, you can achieve lawn aeration by simply poking holes into your lawn, otherwise known as spiking. By prodding your lawn with holes, you assist the water, fertilizer, and nutrients in permeating the dirt and nurturing the roots of your grass. When dead grass, dried leaves, and other non-desirable elements pile and decompose on your lawn, you get thicker layers of what is known as thatch. In these cases, spiking won’t do anything other than give you a minor workout.

For heavy duty thatch removal and soil penetration, you need a California lawn aeration expert to come and handle the job for you. Some will say that you can go and rent the equipment and perform the task on your own, but without proper thatch removal knowledge and know-how to ensure that air reaches the roots.

Raking: If you don’t get all of the leaves and dead grass off of your lawn with a deep raking, you set yourself up for thatch to accumulate again and your aeration efforts will be a waste.

Plugging: When we aerate lawns, we will pull small plugs, or clumps, of dirt from your lawn so that water can spread throughout and enrich your grass and landscape. Don’t worry, your lawn won’t look like Swiss cheese.

If your lawn isn’t absorbing water as it should be, contact us today to speak to a lawn aeration expert so we can discuss your options and the best plan to follow to get your grass and garden growing again. Lawn aeration, fertilizing, or soil amendments may be the key(s) to adding color to your yard and value to your home.

What are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Aeration breaks up thatch and compact soil, which benefits your lawn in the following:

  • Improves fertilizer and water intake
  • Allows air down to the root system
  • Loosens up the soil
  • Strengthens the root system so the lawn can get green and healthy
  • Helps de-thatch the lawn
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