Lawn Irrigation

In California, it can be difficult to water your lawn only using a hose and expecting it to be lush and green year round. For many home and business owners, water bills skyrocket when they try to make their lawns greener when using a hose as their lawn irrigation system and they rarely see any return on investment; rather, they see patches of yellow and brown grass with weeds scattered across their property. In order to save time, effort, water, and especially money, you need a proper lawn irrigation installation.

Our systems

Sprinklers — Sprinklers are a classic form of lawn irrigation and are relatively simple to install. They can cover small-to-medium patches of landscape and are efficient for the most part (especially when they are compared to a hose). You can choose from a manual, or automatic, sprinkler system. The benefits of an automatic system are that you can set it and (mostly) forget it day to day. You only need to adjust the settings when rain is in the forecast, or when the summer months burn brightly so that you can compensate for evaporation.

Rotor — These systems are the next step up from sprinklers and can handle larger areas of land. The major benefit of rotor lawn irrigation systems is that they allow time to pass between water hitting particular areas so that it can delver into the soil and reach the root level to nourish your grass and plants. if you own a larger plot of land, rotor systems may be a wise investment if you’d like to save some money on irrigation installation, though they aren’t as efficient as drip systems.

Drip — These are the most efficient lawn irrigation systems and use the least amount of water while providing the greatest return on investment. These are easy to install, mitigate water loss due to evaporation, and enable the best grass growth as the water slowly drips onto the topsoil and seeps into the roots.

Now is the best time for lawn irrigation installation

Amazing strides have been made in the technology and efficacy of California lawn irrigation systems and deliver reduced water consumption (a benefit for our environment) and lower water bills (a benefit for you and your wallet). You also gain peace of mind and precious time back to pursue other endeavors, rather than standing around for hours with a hose trying to make your grass grow. Additionally, our irrigation systems mitigate topsoil loss, a common downfall of hose-based lawn irrigation systems. If you’d like to know more about our expertise, methods, and how we can deliver a greener lawn and blossoming garden to your home, or business, call us or contact us today to discuss your lawn irrigation installation options and which system is right for your needs, property, and budget.
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